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Created 6-Mar-14
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grain belt, beer, hennepin avenue, bridge, minneapolis, minnesota, mississippi, rivergooseberry, falls, waterfall, north shore, lake superior, black and white, monotonetree, trunk, "black and white" cedar, root, rootsstone arch, bridge, mississippi, river, saint anthony, inner tubes, minneapolis, minnesotacathedral, saint paul, church, catholic, minnesotabench, park, harriet island, street, light, monotone, black and whitehouseboat, paddleboat, riverboat, mississippi, river, saint paul, minnesota, harriet islandgorrilla, zoo, black and white, portrait, monkey, animal, como park, black and white, monotonethird avenue, bridge, mississippi, river, minneapolis, minnesota, vintage, black and white, monotonebasilica, saint mary, church, cathedral, minneapolis, minnesota, black and white, monotonespoonbridge, cherry, walker, art center, sculpture, garden, minneapolis, minnesota, black and white, monotonedriftwood, whitefish point, lake superior, cargo, ship, beach, black and white, monotonespearfish canyon, lake, pond, reflection, clouds, landscape, black and white, black hills, south dakotagrand canyon, black and white, monotonepedestrian, bridge, walkway, u of m, university, minnesota, black and white, monotonestone, arch, bridge, minnehaha, park, minneapolis, minnesota, black and white, monotonesaint paul, skyline, minnesota, black and white, monotonegreat sand dunes, national park, colorado, desert, sand, patterns, erosion, black and whiteminnehaha falls, park,creek, minneapolis, minnesota, black and white, monotoneSaint Croix River, stillwater, minnesota, black and white, monotone

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