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Created 5-Mar-14
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A collection of critters
"Mountain Goat", Glacier, national, park, "Glacier national park", montana, mountainsBig Horn Ram 2"big horn sheep", big, horn, ram, sheep, glacier, national, parkbull, elk, yellowstone, "national park", wildlife, madison, river, wyomingBisonBison Calfpronghorn, antelope, grand teton, national park, wyoming, wildlifegorrilla, como, park, zoochipmonk, peanut, upper peninsula, michigan, wildlifegreen, tree, frog, animal, amphibianpainted, turtle,eastern, tiger, swallowtail, butterflyhoverfly, bee, fly, flower,Graphocephala coccinea, leafhopper, leaf, hopper, pest, insect, red and blue, bug, macroDoe and Fawn1Tiger Swallowtail butterflyFawnHerd of TurtlesDoe with two fawnsAlbino Grey Squirrel

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